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Order of Prayer when Praying for Ourselves and Others

Preparation for Prayer:​

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please forgive me of my sins and wash me clean in your precious blood.  Allow me to bring the Good News of your salvation to the ones I will pray for.  For those who are in darkness, please let me bring your light of truth. For those who are in need of healing please manifest your love and miracle power to remove disease and distress of all kinds. Amen.


Blessing with oil by a Lay Person (Not a Sacrament but a Sacramental) Use oil blessed by a Priest for this purpose


Dear Lord,

We are confident that we can enter into your throne room not by our own worthiness, but on the most holy and precious blood of Jesus, to receive mercy and grace for (name).  I Bless (name) with this oil, In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  (Lay your hands on the person you are praying for.  Simply make your request known out loud to the Father in a prayer from your heart for the person.  Pray in tongues quietly if you have a prayer language.  In silence ask the Lord for discernment or help.  Listen to what the Lord speaks to your heart.  Tell the person what you sense if there is anything.  After the prayer, bless the person with the sign of the cross.)  Amen.

A Cleansing Prayer after praying for someone

Dear Lord Jesus, please wash me clean in your precious blood.  I ask that you seal my prayer for (name) in your most holy and precious blood.  Any spirit that would try to transfer to me or defile me in anyway I do reject in Jesus name and command all evil spirits that are contrary to your Holy Spirit to depart from me and go to the feet of Jesus to be disposed of by Him according to His divine will.  Amen.

A personal prayer with Blessed Oil

Dear Lord Jesus, I bless myself with this oil (make the sign of the cross on your forehead with the blessed oil) and I ask that you heal me in every area of my body, soul, spirit, mind, emotions, dreams and subconscious.  Please seal me in your precious blood to make me invisible to the enemy.  I pray in your Name Jesus, by your Word that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper and by the resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, I especially ask that you heal (name your specific need) and keep all disease away from me.  Please remove all obstacles to your mercy and grace that are in my life so that my heart may be completely open to you, Jesus. 


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