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Prayer of Protection

I seal myself and all of my loved ones in the most Precious Blood of Jesus.

I ask you, Lord, to make us invisible to the enemy and all of his attacks.


(by Angie Lake)

Prayer Against Gossip

(by Angie Lake)

O Lord, our God, you are our protection and our covering.  We ask for your mercy and grace upon us today.  We love you and we believe that you are our Father and that you sent Jesus to die for our sins.  We believe that you sent your own Spirit that we might be enabled to love you and know you.  We receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior and believe that He is the Christ who came to die for our sins.  We choose to follow in His Way trusting that you will bring us safely to our heavenly home with you by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We do believe that you have filled us with your Holy Spirit and that you have sealed us with Your Holy Spirit.  We thank you for your mercy and grace for you are Holy, Holy, Holy and not on our own worthiness do we enter into your presence but by faith we believe we have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus and given robes of righteousness to enter into your throne room to receive your mercy and your grace.  We humbly ask that you forgive us of all our sins of commission and omission and as you forgive us, we choose to forgive others for hurting us in any way so that we might be reconciled to you and cleansed of all unrighteousness by the precious blood that Jesus shed on the cross for us.

We ask today that you hear our prayer for protection against gossip, slander and judgments which have been spoken against us, any curses that have been spoken against us as well as any disparaging words that would tear at our hearts and reputations.  Please turn away the enemies that have attacked us because of jealousy, envy or hate for any reason. 

We ask that in the powerful Name of Jesus, which is the name above all other names; By the Word of Jesus, that says, “No weapon fashioned against your people shall prosper;” And by the resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, we ask that in the same way you shut the mouths of the lions against Daniel when he was in the Lion’s Den, that you would shut the mouths of those who would speak against us, your people. We ask that you would send forth your Holy Spirit to break the curses, disparaging words and lies of gossip, slander, judgments, envy and hate that have come against us in any way.

Please protect us and set us free by the power of your love and your precious blood which was given for us.  We choose to forgive those who have harmed us and ask that you would heal and help those whom Satan and the evil spirits have used against us, your holy people.  Allow us to put on the mind of Christ and take every thought captive under your Lordship, Jesus, that we may not speculate but test every spirit and have wisdom and true discernment of spirits so that we may walk in your truth.  May we be free to continue to serve you in joy and freedom and to be a light in the world for your sake and for your glory.  We pray all of this in the Name of Jesus our Savior.  



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