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Holy Spirit Prayer

by Babsie Bleasdell

I am going to reveal to you a secret of sanctity and happiness.  If every day during five minutes you will keep your imagination quiet, shut your eyes to all the things of sense and close your ears to all the sounds of earth so as to be able to withdraw into the sanctuary of your baptized soul (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit) speaking there to the Holy Spirit saying:

O Holy Spirit, Soul of my soul, I adore thee.  Enlighten, guide, strengthen and console me.  Tell me what I ought to do and command me to do it.  I promise to be submissive in everything that thou shalt ask of me and to accept all that thou permits to happen to me, only show me what is thy will.

If you do this, your life will pass happily and serenely.  Consolations will abound even in the midst of trouble, for grace will be given in proportion to the trial, as well as strength to bear it, bringing you to the gates of paradise full of merit.  This submission to the Holy Spirit is the secret to sanctity. (Cardinal Mercier)

The Holy Spirit, the breath of God that unites the Father and the Son, is the giver of all gifts, the sanctifier of all graces.  It is difficult to comprehend why His help is not invoked more consistently by those who wish to be witnesses to Christ.  The Holy Spirit helps us, despite opposition, to prove Christianity to a painful world.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

by Anonymous

Come, Holy Spirit, make my body Your temple.  Come, and Abide with me forever.  Give me the deepest love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus in order to serve Him with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength.  Take possession of all my faculties of body and soul.  Regulate all my passions, feelings and emotions.  Take possession of my intellect, understanding and will, my memory and imagination.


O Holy Spirit of Love, give me an abundance of Your efficacious graces.  Give me the fullness of all the virtues, enrich my faith, strengthen my hope, increase my trust, and inflame my love.  Give me the fullness of Your sevenfold gifts, fruits and beatitudes.  Most Holy Trinity, make my soul Your sanctuary.


Novena of Prayers to the Holy Spirit

by Anonymous

During the nine days between the Ascension of our Lord and the coming of his promised Gift of the Holy Spirit, the followers of Jesus were gathered in prayer, together with Mary the Mother of Jesus.  This was the very first Novena in obedience to Jesus when he told the Apostles to go into the city and wait for the power from on high.  They prayed for nine days and on the 10th day the Holy Spirit was poured forth on the believers in the upper room.


Begin with:
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love.  Send forth your Spirit, O Lord, and they shall be created and you will renew the face of the earth.  Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Pray Each Day’s Prayer:

End with:
The love of God is poured into our hearts, Alleluia!  Through his Spirit who lives in us, Alleluia!  O God, you teach the hearts of the faithful through the light of the Holy Spirit:  grant that, through that same Holy Spirit, we may have a right understanding in all things, and always rejoice in his consolations.  We pray through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Prayer:  First Day
Come, You who best console the lonely heart, Refuge in danger, Protector in distress.
Come, You who cleanse the soul of every stain, and heal all its wounds.
Come, Strength of the weak, Support of those on the verge of falling

Come, Teacher of those who are humble of heart, Who humbles the proud-hearted.
Come, Father of the fatherless, Hope of the poor, Treasure of those in need.
Come, Guiding Star of every pilgrim, Harbor for those in danger of shipwreck.
Come, Strength of the living, Salvation of those about to die.
Come, Holy Spirit, and have mercy on me. St. Augustine

Prayer:  Second Day
Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy.  Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy.  Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy.  Strengthen Me, O Holy Spirit that I may defend all that is holy.  Guard me, O Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy. St. Augustine
Holy Spirit, love of my heart, I adore you.  Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.  Tell me what I must do--command me.  I promise to submit myself to all that you will of me, and accept all you permit to befall me.  Let me only know your will. Cardinal Mercier

Prayer:  Third Day
Most Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, behold me prostrate before you.  Most profoundly do I adore you, most thankfully bless you.  With the countless Seraphim who stand before your throne, I, too, cry out, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  I firmly believe that you are God, one with the Father and the Son.  I hope that in your goodness you will sanctify and save my soul.  I love you divine Love, with all my heart and above all that this world holds—because you alone, Infinite Goodness, are worthy of all love.  In my blindness and ingratitude, I have often offended you by my sins.  I ask your forgiveness.  I offer you this heart of mine—cold and dark.  I pray you shed your light upon it; warm it with the fire of your love. St. Alphonsus Liguori (adapted)

Prayer:  Fourth Day
Holy Spirit, Lord and giver of life, you who came down upon the apostles in a mighty wind and with fire, who filled the house where they were and gave them the gift of tongues to proclaim the wonders of God, come down now upon me also.  Fill me with yourself; and make of me a temple wherein you dwell.  Open my lips to proclaim your praise, to ask your guidance, and to declare your love.  Holy Light, Divine Fire, Eternal Might, enlighten my mind to know you, inflame my heart to love you, strengthen my will to seek and find you.  Be for me the living and life-giving breath of God, the very air I breathe, and the only sky in which my spirit soars.

Prayer:  Fifth Day
O Holy Spirit, Divine Spirit of light and of love, to you I consecrate my understanding, my heart and my will, and my whole being, in time and in eternity.  May my understanding always be submissive to your heavenly inspirations and to the teachings of the holy Church of which you are the infallible Guide.  May my heart be ever on fire with the love of my God and my neighbor.  May my will be always in harmony with the will of God.  And may my whole life be a faithful copy of the life and virtues of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ—to whom, with the Father and with you, be honor and glory forever. Traditional

Prayer:  Sixth Day
Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son grant that the whole universe may be consecrated to you, and that there may not be a single heart in which you, who are Love, Union and Peace, do not reign.  Holy Spirit, Creator, look with favor upon the Church and by your heavenly power make it strong and secure against the attacks of its

enemies.  Renew in charity and in grace the spirit of your servants, whom you have anointed that they may give glory to you, with the Father and his only-begotten Son.  Holy Sprit, Spirit of Truth, come into our hearts; shed the brightness of your light upon all nations, that all may be one in faith, and pleasing to you. Traditional

Prayer:  Seventh Day
Holy Spirit, infinite Love of the father and the Son, through the hands of Mary, your immaculate spouse, and upon the altar of the Heart of Jesus, I offer you myself today and every day of my life.  I offer you, my Lord, my daily labors; may they be fragrant with the spirit of love of the cross.  I offer you my life and my death, my head and my hands, my every step, my every breath, all the love of my soul and every beat of my heart.  And I firmly resolve faithfully to hear your voice, and in all things, to do your will. Anonymous (adapted)

Prayer:  Eighth Day
Upon my knees before you, in the sight of the whole heavenly court, I offer myself, body and soul, to you, eternal Spirit.  I adore you for your great glory; I rejoice in the splendor of your majesty and wonder at the might of your love.  You are the light and strength of my soul; in you I live and move and am.  I never want to grieve you by unfaithfulness to your grace, and I pray you keep me from every stain of sin.  Make me faithful to you in everything at all times.  Grant that I may always listen to your voice and obey.  Grant that I may always watch for your light and follow the leading of your grace.  To you I cling, and ask you in your mercy to watch over me in my weakness. Anonymous (adapted)


Prayer:  Ninth Day
Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus who anointed him at his baptism by John, who anointed with Pentecostal fire the Church, which is his body, descend upon the Church, and upon all who have been consecrated to you—all who received you in Baptism, all who were sealed by you in confirmation, all who have been set aside by you through the priesthood to serve God and humanity.  Renew in us all the graces by which we have been sanctified, washed clean of our sins, and made temples of your indwelling.  Let us no longer grieve you by our faithlessness or indifference, but rather, filled with your fire, let us love you with that love which is poured out in our hearts by your coming to us.

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