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Clouds in Sky
Miracle Stories- October
1st Story

In June of 2000, my husband George broke his left femur bone in two places.  He was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery.   A steel rod was placed inside the bone.

Because of the break, high doses of calcium traveled through his body, causing him to hallucinate.  He was moved to I.C.U., where I had to give my consent for the doctor to perform dialyses to flush out the calcium in his system.  It was a tough decision, because if they didn't, he would die; if they did, he could die anyway.  The doctor kept asking if George had a Do Not Resuscitate directive.  I said I would bring it the next day.  I had it in my purse, but was just not able to give it to them at that time.  We needed a miracle.

While all this was going on, family, friends and my sisters-in-Christ at WCF were praying and believing as one.  George coded on the table, and that should have been the end, but God had a different plan.  Later, George said he saw, like in a dream, a silver cloud over his whole body.  God brought him back.  There was unfinished business to take care of to protect me, as He always has.  I was able to get a notary public to come to the hospital, so George could sign and put my name on some documents.

He had been in the hospital two months.  Every night on my way home, I would stop at St. John’s Church, because they have Perpetual Adoration there.  I spent one hour with the Wonderful Counselor, dumping all my frustration on Him and just sitting in His presence.  He gave me such peace that when I went to bed at night, I slept like a baby.

After George’s hospital stay, it was suggested that I put him in a nursing home for skilled care.  That was not an option for me.  I took him home and cared for him for two months.  George went home to be with the Lord October 17, 2000.  He was finally at rest.

I had to release him at that very special time, knowing he was with Jesus and that I would see him again.  George had no pain, which was very hard to believe and also a miracle, because he had multiple myeloma (bone cancer) throughout his body.  So no matter how grave the circumstance, God is still in control and His plan will be fulfilled in us.

I miss him so very much.  We were married 47 years, and I know for sure we will be together again and spend eternity with the Father.  Praise the Lord!

2nd Story

My grandson Ben, who is 23 years old, was skateboarding last June, flew off his skateboard into a wall and fractured his kidney.  My daughter immediately called me for prayer and I called it out to WCF’s Prayer Chain.

He was taken to the hospital in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he lives.  After looking at the x-rays, they called in a retired, renowned urologist who happened to be in this small town (first miracle).  The urologist, after looking at the x-rays, PET scan, etc., told my daughter that this was very serious, his whole kidney looked like hamburger meat and the two arteries leading into the kidney were damaged and bleeding.  There was the question of whether he should be life-flighted out of Sun Valley to a more qualified hospital.

The doctor put a 24-hour watch on him to observe his condition.  He did not want to go in at that time to do surgery to remove the kidney, but he thought that he might have to if it kept bleeding.  It would be a very serious operation, because of the bleeding arteries that led into the kidney and the condition of the surrounding area.  He felt that the longer he could wait, the more healing would take place.

But he was convinced that within a short amount of time he would have to do surgery and remove the kidney or, hopefully, only the part that was damaged.  The best scenario was if he could wait for three months.  The urologist had only seen this once before, and expected the worst, but he didn’t know that prayers were going up to the Lord and His Miracle Power was at work.

Then after 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours with antibiotics and daily PET scans that began to amaze the doctor, he began to see God’s healing power at work.  After one week of hospitalization, Ben was sent home to lie quietly but to keep returning to the hospital for more scans.  Then about 10 days later, he came down with a fever, which had been one of their worst fears.  Infection had set in.  Ben was taken back to the hospital and this time the doctor met them with his scrubs on, ready to do surgery.

But again the Lord said “No.”  After stronger amounts of antibiotics were given in a constant drip system, the fever left.  He was sent home to rest again.  Two to three weeks later, after taking another scan, the doctor couldn’t believe what he saw.  Praise be to God, the kidney and the surrounding area was healed except for the one-third of his kidney which was dead, but that really wouldn’t affect his health or life at all.   My daughter said the doctor was flabbergasted and just amazed at the outcome—a miracle.

A month later, the doctor gave Ben permission to go back to doing anything that he wanted.  He said in future years he may have high blood pressure because of the part of his kidney that was dead.  But I believe that when God heals, He does it perfectly and that won’t happen.  Ben is back at work now doing construction, skate boarding and professionally snow skiing.

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