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Miracle Stories- April
1st Story

My daughter Elizabeth was eight years old when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Slowly it began to move into her wrists and knees, proceeded to her elbows, neck and fingers, then finally her spine.  Gradually, over the course of a few weeks, it left her frozen and racked in pain, virtually immobilized.  Early on the doctors were able to get her into remission by administering heavy doses of steroids through an IV infusion in the hospital.  She enjoyed many months of getting to do all the normal stuff kids her age did, while remaining on medication.  Our family and friends prayed for her healing.  Without warning, another flare would begin and more aggressive therapies were tried. The likelihood of permanent remission was disappearing.  The physical suffering my daughter endured was heart breaking.

We moved to San Diego in the fall of 1997, when Liz was 10.  The Lord led me to Women’s Christian Fellowship and His love manifested there.  At the weekly meetings, I loved to hear the praise reports and my faith and hope were strengthened.  Into the prayer basket went not only Liz, but all of my loved ones.

Not long after that she had a terrible flare. She tried to go to school but could not get up out of her desk for recess. Her teacher called me to come and get her.
When I arrived at her classroom, Liz was still seated at her desk waiting for me.  I looked at her beautiful face, eyes full of tears, and I carried her out.

My WCF discussion leader called to check in for the week, and I told her what was going on.  She asked the women to pray specifically for complete healing for Elizabeth in Jesus’ name.  This time, without any steroid infusions, the arthritis began to back away.  Gradually, over several months the pain was gone completely, and the doctors withdrew all her medications.

She has not had an arthritic symptom since.  “When God heals, he heals completely and permanently,” Angie told me.  I grabbed onto that and will never stop believing.

Boldly, I began to ask God for a sports team opportunity for Liz who had been sidelined for so long.  She joined a Pop Warner competitive cheerleading squad in 2000 and had a wonderful experience. It was pure joy for my mom, my sister and I to watch her team compete and win at Cox Arena.  Her squad ended up advancing to the National Championships in Orlando Florida.  What a fun, joy-filled week that was!

To God be the glory, who poured down His healing and mercy on Elizabeth beyond all our hopes and dreams.

2nd Story

The leaders of Women’s Christian Fellowship were asked to tell of a “miracle” in their lives since coming to the fellowship.  I started at WCF in March of 1994 and into leadership in September of 1995.  My reasons for joining the Bible Study were answers to prayer.  I really needed to know God’s touch, and He brought me to a group of holy, praying women.

In November 1997, my mother, who then was 83 years old and had never left Michigan, came to live with my family.  Mom is a paraplegic with a whole list of medical needs.  The Lord spared her life in very dramatic miraculous ways.  And it is under God’s grace and mercy that she lives today.

I could tell you of the very dramatic “unexplained,” except that they are miracles in my life.  But the Lord insists that I tell you of His gentle touch.  I was experiencing sleep deprivation.  For some reason my mom (whose whole life is the wheelchair, or the bed), would require some attention during the night.  She would ring the bell, and I would come downstairs to assist her.  This escalated until she was ringing the bell 3-4 times a night.  I was growing weary and cranky.  I was also disturbing my husband who needed to sleep also.

One Thursday, I took my mother to a healing day at WCF.  Father Mike Barry laid hands on my mother and prayed.   Mom got to visit with all the ladies, received a lot of hugs and kisses.  It was a great day!  I realized a few days later, Mom hadn’t rung the bell.

It  has been over two years now, and if the bell rings, it is for a general concern, taken care of very easily, not like the past.   I sleep through the night most nights, and so does my mother.  Wow!!  That’s Mercy!


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