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Miracle Stories- July
1st Story

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)  Our God is a God of miracles.  The same Jesus that healed the lame man, made the blind man see and the deaf man to hear is the same Jesus that is alive and present to us today. God’s power has been present my entire life!

It wasn’t until I asked Jesus into my heart that I began to see His miracle power in my life.  Since then, I have seen Jesus restore life to one of my dearest friends when we were told she wouldn’t make it through the night after a serious car accident.  I have seen Jesus heal a co-worker of brain cancer.  I have been blessed with two children.  God’s gift of great and unconditional love to mothers for their children is a miracle to me.  God has healed relationships in my family that I thought would never be reconciled.  God’s protective hand has been on my children when I cried to Him for help.  For that, I am forever grateful.  Yes, my God is a God of miracles yesterday, today and forever!

When asked to share a miracle that I have witnessed in my life, one that is very close to my heart immediately came to mind.  My daughter is now 12.  When she was just 18 months old, my father-in-law was supervising her and my two year old nephew in the family room of their house.  The doors to the family room opened up to a beautiful backyard with a pool.  The rest of the family was upstairs in the kitchen.

All of a sudden, my brother- in- law, who is her Godfather, was prompted to look over the deck into the pool.  I now know that the Holy Spirit prompted him.  He saw my daughter lying face down, not moving.  He dove off the deck to reach her.  I grabbed her, held her, laid hands over her and prayed.  Immediately after 911 was called, a family member called the prayer hotline at WCF.  While we waited to be life-flighted to the hospital, my father-in-law stood sobbing, “It’s all my fault.  How could you ever forgive me?”

We were truly blessed in many ways.  God did spare my daughter’s life and for that I am eternally grateful.  But looking back, another miracle that happened was my ability to forgive my father-in-law in that moment.  As I held my baby, not knowing whether she would live or die, I was able to tell him, only by the grace of God, that, “No matter what happens, I forgive you.”

After the incident, I heard God speak to me, “Go and tell everyone what I did for you.” (Mark 5:19)  My family, some of them unbelievers at that time, all realized that this truly was God’s divine intervention.  I have had the opportunity to share this story many times, and I still share out of obedience to His word.

2nd Story

Last October when we were praying over the prayer basket during our weekly WCF meeting, Angie received a word from the Lord that a young woman, who had been trying to conceive for the past two years and had recently become very discouraged, was now pregnant.  When I heard those words, I claimed the miracle for my niece and immediately began thanking and praising God, because it exactly described my niece’s situation and I had put her name in the basket, asking for a healthy baby for her and her husband.

Two days later, my sister called and excitedly told me that her daughter, my niece, was pregnant.  She said that her daughter had not been feeling well and was commiserating at work.  One of her co-workers suggested that she might be pregnant.  My niece replied that was highly unlikely, because she had just learned of some medical problems that would make getting pregnant more difficult.  But she took a pregnancy test anyway, and she was very surprised and overjoyed to learn that she was, indeed, pregnant.

This miracle was especially timely, because just before Christmas her father died very unexpectedly.  She was overcome with grief and repeatedly said, “If it weren’t for the life growing within me, I don’t think I could bear the death of my father.”  And she told me that it was very special and comforting to her that the baby is due in May, the same month that her father had been born.  God, in His perfect love, attends to the meaningful details.  All praise and thanksgiving to our loving God!

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