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Colorful Beach

July Devotional

Week 1

“Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.”  James 4:10

I had so many things I had always hoped for:  a great husband, nice house and an upwardly mobile career.  But I felt something missing.  There was a vacant place in my heart.

I accepted an invitation to attend a retreat sponsored by WCF.  At first I felt uncomfortable and very out of place.  I prayed, “God help me.  I’ll be open to whatever it is you want for me.  I love you.”  The next day God spoke directly to my heart.  He told me not to fear, that He had a plan and purpose for me and to trust in Him.  I was so overwhelmed by God’s Holy Spirit that I sobbed and hid my face.  I was ashamed and remorseful for all my sins that were before me, but I also felt God’s overwhelming love, presence and forgiveness.  I experienced Emmanuel God with me.

From that day on I knew God was real.  I had a hunger for Him and to study His word.  I was always fearful, but now I had God to guide me.  From that day on my life has been a journey to know God, to love Him and to serve Him.  I have become a new creation, not solely seeking what I wanted in my life, but God’s will for my life.  Through God I have been empowered to pray, forgive, to serve and most of all to love.

-Lisa M.

Week 2

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him.  He will direct your paths.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

Ever since I was in high school I had envisioned myself as a Director or V.P. in a respected company.  Just prior to my 30th birthday, my dream job was offered to me and I accepted it.  I was not at peace with this decision, but how could I turn this job down?  This is what I had always wanted!

I began to pray and knew in my heart that this was not what God wanted for me.  I had a two year old and had just cut back my hours to spend more time with him.  Taking this job would mean working full time again.  I was stubborn and didn’t want to turn this down.

Through a series of painful incidents at work, God made it clear that this was not for me.  He told me to trust in Him and not to worry about what people thought.  I turned down the position.  One week later I found out I was pregnant with my daughter!  I eventually retired altogether.  God opened up new doors for me, allowing me the opportunity to stay home with my children and participate in the ministry at bible study.

-Lisa M.

Week 3

“You married women must obey your husbands, so that any of them who do not believe in the word of the gospel may be won over apart from preaching, through their wives conduct.”  1 Peter 3:1

I remember when my husband and I were married.  I did not want to have any scripture readings at our wedding about wives obeying or being submissive to their husbands.  I thought this only applied to the outdated customs of long ago.  This IS God’s word for us today.  How awesome a responsibility us wives and mothers have to win over our families not by nagging or preaching but by love and service.

-Lisa M.

Week 4

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it . . . for the Lord gives to His beloved even in her sleep.”  Psalm 127: 1a & 2b

After graduate school I got a job directing small group homes for developmentally disabled children.  This job demanded most of my time and attention, and I was eager to do well having spent years preparing for such a position.  One morning one of our teenage clients ran away.  We called the police, put her picture on TV, but by 10 PM no one called.  As I drove home, the responsibility of this client’s life weighed heavily upon me.  I had given this job everything, and my best was not good enough.

I wanted to be able to go to God, whom I had ignored for many years.  I began to take stock and knew my life’s priorities were out of order.  This job had first place in my life:  before God, my husband, family, friends, and even my own health.  I promised I would put Him first, and let Him tell me how to get the rest of my life in His order, and I begged Him to put my client in a safe place.

At 3 AM, I awoke to a phone call from a Catholic priest.  A family found her at 11 PM and took her to him. I knew God had heard my prayer and that everything would be OK now that I was committed to following Him.

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