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Clouds in Sky
Miracle Stories- August
1st Story

My mother-in-law, Lucille, was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  Two times previously, cancerous areas were surgically removed over a period of a few years.  And now, for the third time, the cancer flared up.  I gathered family members and friends to anoint Lucille and to pray that God would heal her of the cancer.  When she was operated on the next week, the surgeon could not find any trace of the cancer.  She had been healed completely, and it never returned.  Praise God!  It was a powerful witness to all who knew her.

I also recall a young woman who suffered greatly from allergies, being especially sensitive to perfumes.  She found it to be increasingly difficult and dangerous to be in public places.  When she came to WCF, she sat far away from others with her mouth and nose covered, so she would breathe filtered air.  She stayed for prayer.  We asked the Lord to heal her.  And He did!  She gradually was able to resume a more normal life. 

Thank you, Lord, for your healing touch and compassion.

2nd Story

I have a renewed awareness of who I am, as I go forward into another year with an appreciation for the treasure of God’s love for me and the hope that is before me, and as I feel the presence of Jesus being with me every minute of my day.  Last year was full of the joys and struggles of life.  There is a stirring up inside me that I am known by God, that Jesus trusts me and that in this coming year, in all circumstances, if I but remain faithful to the breaking of the bread and spend time with Jesus, He will love me, lift me up, and guide me to all truth through His Holy Spirit.

Wow, God—thank you for drawing me to Yourself, through the study at WCF, through sharing this gift of faith and daily commitment to You with my husband which is life-giving to our marriage, and through our community of faithful sisters and brothers.  I consider this renewed awareness a miracle, that each day is new, full of God’s grace and that, at my age, I am a child in His family and that His will for me is good.

When I was lost in the temptations of the world, God reached down and set me back on the path of my upbringing.  I was a “strayed away Catholic” for many years; then God drew my husband and me back to Himself through Mass and small group study of Scripture.  Still, however, I was drawn more to yoga—as a mental and physical help—while still attending Mass on Sunday.  I spent much more time and money on supporting this diversion than on knowing and supporting God through His Church.

I ignored the feelings of disloyalty as I was surrounded by Buddas and the Hindu prayer-based poses.  In the yoga classes and retreats, I had a community of like- minded seekers who were following the teachings of knowing ourselves and being in control of our destinies through distancing ourselves from the world; more like an “I have mine—you get yours” attitude.  God was drawing me back to Himself, and I had not been able to hear Him, until one day, in a private yoga session, I was overcome with anguish and heard the hymn, “Faith of Our Fathers.”  I spoke this out to the instructor.

This is when I began pulling away from new age curiosity.  It was a process which culminated in my coming to Women’s Christian Fellowship.  It was here, in the safety of this loving space, that my heart was captured.  I found God’s promises through the study of Scripture, I was led to the fullness of the love of God through Jesus, I invited Jesus to come into my heart, and I repented from my sins against Him by turning away from yoga completely.

I know now that the Holy Spirit is my guide to all truth, and I know the blessed assurance of my destiny being secure through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection; I have love and acceptance from holy women who are also being enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and I am a part of God’s family that reaches out to others to serve them as God sends me forth into the world.  I have joy and strength beyond my imaginings and long to keep in His will, because He first loved me.  My reason for hope is that He keeps His promises.

(Psalm 40:1, 5) was read at daily Mass today:  “I have waited, waited for the Lord, and He stooped toward me and heard my cry.  Blessed the man who makes the Lord his trust; who turns not to idolatry or to those who stray after falsehood.”

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